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Walking Floor Trailers form 125 yards to 145 cubic yards, high build quality

Length - inside 13,508mm outside 13,600mm
Width - outside 2,550mm
Height - outside 4,000mm to 4,600m
Fifth wheel height - outside 1,250mm

Axles & Suspension

Axles & Suspension, 3 x BPW off-road axles on Disc brakes / off centre wheel hubs
All axles on pneumatic suspension
Lift Axle


Pressures on axles - 3 x 9,000kg Manufactured design
3 x 8,000kg UK design


Tyres 6 x 385/55 R22,5 Continental

Chassis Construction

Chassis made from high quality construction steel St52-3, as a welded construction, King pin = JOST 2"
Supporting legs as a crossmembers welded C profile with holes

Body Construction

Aluminium crossmembers of body welded to the body with 45 degree chamfers, Aluminium body made of 25mm thickness of aluminium profiles 380mm width, 3mm thickness of inside wall, and 2mm thickness of outside wall, Front Left hand side inspection door. Top crossmembers for holding demountable tarpaulin,
Fully welded internal body, Under the body on both sides - Riveted mesh protecting free space - slats (front Walking Floor)

Rear Doors

Rear doors made of 25mm thick aluminium
Rear doors opened / to the body sides
Front catwalk with ladder and barriers 1,000mm high, made of aluminium
Rear door holders in open position - mounted under the bodym Fully welded doors inside

Floor System

Moving floor system 6.1 Keith Walking Floor type 12.7mm, as standard
Heavy floor slats (see Keiths web site for details)

Clean Sweep, from Keith USA cleans out the trailer, (see keiths web page for information) 

Pneumatic Installation

Raise and lower valve H-S mounted after rear axle on the left side

Brake Installation

WABCO installation with EBS acc to REG 13.09 EKG ONZ
Axles with disc or drum brakes, Automatic pneumatic parking brake EBS sensor on centre axle

Electric Installation

Aspock system, Side marking lights acc to REG 48.00 EKG ONZ, Rubber angle lights on rear, Rear lamps protection - aluminium plate hanged to top, 2 x white LED lamps on top corners of the front wall, 2 x red LED lamps on top corners of rear, Reverse signal device

Hydraulic Installation

Hydraulic installation piped on the front of the trailer
Inline filter on feed from tractor


Steel construction blasted (acc to Sa 2.5 wg ISO-8501) painted using two pack system, 1 x prime coat, 2 x top coat achieving minimum thickness 120mu.
Chassis painted in RAL code  TBA
Unseasoned aluminium body- painted to customers specification as required


Tarpaulin rolled over body in any colour (operated from left side) bolted to the top profile, secured via 4 ratchet straps. Rubber blocks in line with the strap bolted to the body x 3 vertically positioned


Two gear supporting legs - JOS or HAACON with longer holding plate, operated from left side. Aluminium ladder hidden under floor in the rear left side, Under wheel wedges x 2, Aluminium ladder hidden under floor in the rear left side, Under wheel wedges x 2, Aluminium plate protecting lights (adjustable), Toolbox - mounted on left side, Mudguards - Boydell Jacks PVC 90 degree in black
Rear mudguards with flaps - with pins from inside - Boydell Jacks

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