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Specially designed for use in a variety of trailers, the KEITH WALKING FLOOR system unloads nearly any material, including bulk goods, pallets, drums, bales and rolls. Trailers unload in minutes and provide the advantage of unloading indoors and on uneven ground.

A trailer equipped with a KEITH WALKING FLOOR unloader combines the convenience of self-unloading with lightweight trailer design. The WALKING FLOOR unloader replaces the flooring in the trailer, adding little weight and ensuring a maximum payload - up to 20% more than other self-unloading systems.

KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems are used for hauling a variety of products, from produce, to hog fuel, to refuse. Each system can be customized to suit your specific application. The floor slats/planks are available in many widths and thickness, depending on your particular use.

Although the floor slats/planks are most often made of aluminium, we have designed and installed steel slats/planks in systems requiring maximum impact absorption. We offer a variety of floor slat/plank models, including the standard series, the V-Floor slat/plank and the Leakproof system. In addition, we also supply various slat/planks for specialized applications.

KEITH Walking Floor vs Other Systems

Keith WalkingFloor   Push Out Ejection
Less Maintenance   Push-out cylinder easily damaged
Lighter Trailers   Heavier Trailers
Capacity: 76-103 m3   Capacity: 49-65 m3
Unloading force is on load   Unloading force is on trailer walls

Keith WalkingFloor   Vertical Unloading
Unloads in height restrictive areas   Needs ample vertical clearance
Variable speed unloading   No control of unloading speed
Backhauling pallets/bales possible   Cannot unloa palletized goods

Keith WalkingFloor   Belt / Chain Conveyers
Unloads stackable or pallet goods   Limited to bulk materials
Use in a variety of weather conditions   Extreme heat or cold damages belt
Designed to limit dirt intrusion   Dirt build-up causes belt damage

Keith WalkingFloor   Push Out Ejection
Fresh produce; compost; seed; silage; cotton (modules and bales); fertilizer; peat; grain; manure; hay (chopped cubes, pellets, bales); Livestock Feed; Corn (fresh ears, seed)   Loose, Baled, Compacted and Bagged Refuse; Commingled Recyclables; Demolition Debris; Aluminum; Municipal Solid Waste; Plastic; Sewage Sludge; Scrap Metal (ferrous and nonferrous); Tires (shredded, chipped, whole); Cardboard; Paper (baled and loose); Soil Remediation
Wood & Paper Products   Energy / Fuel
Pulp; Chips; Medium Density Fibreboard; Paper Rolls; Sander Flour; Finger Joint Blocks; Broke Paper; Sawdust; Finished Paper; Bark Mulch; Wood Waste   Hog Fuel; Bagasse; Chipped Tires; Refuse Derived Fuel; Coal; Biomass
Other Industries   Belt/Chain Conveyers
Aggregate; Asphalt; Crushed Cars; Soil; Palletized Goods; Ice   Limited to bulk materials



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