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Divisible Container Trailer for efficient container transport. Unlimited loading and unloading possibilities thanks to the patented D-TEC Combitrailer.

To efficiently transport
2 x 20ft containers
40 ft containers
40 ft high cube containers
25 ft tank containers with 20 ft connections
23 ft tank containers with 20 ft connections
20 ft containers
45 ft containers
45 ft high cube containers
ISO containers

Combitrailer: One Container Trailer for all types of container

The D-TEC Combitrailer is a divisible semi-trailer, specifically suited to the transport of ISO containers, swap bodies and tank containers. The D-TEC Combitrailer has registration certificates for the semi-trailer as a whole and for only the front section. This unique concept opens up possibilities for new applications for efficient and multifunctional transportation of virtually all common containers, such as 1x20ft, 2x20ft, 1x30ft, 1x40ft and high cube 45ft.

The operating principle of the D-TEC Combitrailer is based on splitting the trailer between the central twist locks. The front and rear sections are connected by an extending bar. The rear section can be hooked up or unhooked using a locking system. The extending bar can be locked into several positions, including a customs position and a position for 45-foot containers.
Advantages of the D-Tec Container Trailer
Simultaneous loading and unloading of two 20 ft containers at the loading platforms
Unladen weight 7,200kg (type CT-53-04D) or 8,000kg (type CT-53-05D)
Optimum weight distribution: smaller risk of overloading
Fitted with 11-ton air suspension and 9-ton axles
Multifunctional use: suitable for virtually all ISO containers, tank containers and swap bodies
Has 1 or several steering axles
Combitrailer Options
5 axles that make contact with the ground
Support legs at the front end
Rearmost axle as a steering axle
Low Tires
Central Lubrication
Control Panel
Extra High Bumper to avoid damage
20-ft central connection
Container stops
Extra lift axles
Aluminium Wheels (Weight Saving)
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